Saturday, September 26, 2009

Card Making At Beautiful Impressions/Magenta Stamps

A whirlwind trip, I almost missed the plane out of St Louis - seems the elderly shuttle bus driver was running slow .. and after scrambling and checking in, the airline crew said .. well, your baggage might not make the same plane .. my response: I don't care!

LOL ~ get me on that plane! I had signed up for a card making/technique class at Beautiful Impressions in Westbrook CT and was determined to get there! Quick trip directly to the airport, snatch Laurie from her doorstep, and off we went for a class with Nathalie from Magenta (Canada) ..

The first card ~ initially I was so mixed up ~ not used to doublesided paper! After realizing the double sides are to coordinate .. I was still confused but then had to try to put things together straight .. lol .. not happenin' .. along with this card, we made a small insert type mini note too ~ and even with limited village idiot know-how had a ball!

As we assembled this card, we had some of the 'pieces' pre-cut and prestamped (thank goodness) and then came the 'coloring' part. Uh oh .. we didn't have a clue how to use the 'paints' .. kind of like a shimmering watercolor looking palette .. with magical potential! We had a paint brush each .. and our imagination .. now what? Dip the paint brush in clear water .. smoosh around a little bit in the color of choise .. and voila .. when applied to the stamped image it shimmered! Awesome! The 'paint' dried very quickly .. we added in a little bling and on to the next card.
I really liked doing this card .. simple to put together (pre-cut/prestamped) and learned how to color using Prismacolor pencils. I'm still amazed at the results we were able to achieve having never played with these pencils before! Another 'tool' we used were "cat's eye" pigment inks .. the actual stamped image was on a light brown background piece of cardstock .. and we were able to take the "cat's eye" dauber type containers and lightly adjust the background to personal taste .. not damaging the stamped image at all .. ;o)

Once the background was done, the coloring began .. each person had a totally different card in the end and I'm sure none of us could duplicate it if we had to .. unique and very fun to do!

On to the third card .. detailed, layered, and gorgeous when finished .. of course in my humble opinion (LOL)If only I was expert at picture taking - obviously I'm not .. this card is so pretty! Multi-layered using different doublesided coordinating paper, we also used white cardstock stamping an image with kind of a dark red ink for background on one layer, elegant snowflake stickers, and I finished mine off with Stickles on the little angel. None of the cards have any type sentiment on the outside / inside so can be used for any occasion.

All in all I had a great time! Learned how to do different things, enjoyed spending the afternoon 'playing' and would love to take more classes at Beautiful Impressions! The store was so busy that day I didn't even get to shop around much, but did go back a couple days later and get into trouble adventuring! I'm sure Terri ( MUCH more detailed information on the products we used and direct access to them as well. Hope to visit again soon ~ and probably spend more money ~sigh ~ such is life ~ LOL

If you're ever in Connecticut .. stop by and browse this store .. plan to spend a good part of the day .. it's jam packed with neat ideas and the best part is having somebody there that actually knows how to do things with all the different gadgets, gizmos, paper, punches, stamps, glitter, nestabilities .. etc. etc. etc .. yeehah!