Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Make the Cut (MTC), Cricut, Hunter, and an Owl

What a lucky duck I am! My grandson Hunter, 8, is visiting for two weeks and he's got a better grasp of the Cricut than I do! LOL - I love it! We've had rain for what seems like days on end .. dreary, drizzly, gray, poopy-droopy .. but when Hunter is here it's nonstop activity! One morning he'd never heard of a Cricut - let him play on the computer .. why not .. and had Make the Cut (MTC) open .. and by suppertime we had an owl all put together .. !

He found the file on the MTC Gallery posted by User 143 - I don't know how to thank this person but my little man had a ball creating this! Next I think his forest requires a branch for the owl .. and something about a monkey! Time goes so quickly .. especially with emergency problems like .. umm .. miniature golf, softball games, sno-cones, playing with the dogs, making boondoggle thingies, string art .. using coupons to shop at Michael's & Joann's .. video games .. playing with new little cousin .. it's rough! ;o)