Thursday, August 12, 2010

Challenge - Earrings - 7 Deadly Sins - Colors - HELP!

HELP!  Participate!  This is fun and mind boggling!!  I plan to complete this challenge (on time?) but what'll it turn out to be?  LOL ~ I got one pair done .. thanks to April at  Three Sisters Crafts   This is a fun place to pop in to and always a project being created - from clay to jewelry, ideas to supplies, scrapbooking to Girl Scout adventures!  I have to get there quick .. another clearance sale and a new blog too .. ;o)

Ok, so here's the scoop ~ Melissa at Beading Buddies has issued a challenge - and it's a doozie! 

First Challenge

Okay ladies~

Your first challenge is to make three pairs of earrings, that symbolize three of the 7 deadly sins.








You can choose any of the three from the list. Today is Monday August 9th, 2010. The deadline for the three earrings is Saturday August 14th, 2010. You must provide a picture of each pair and a short explanation of why you chose that sin and how your earring represents that sin.

Happy Beading :)

Sooooooooooooooo .. will anybody else join in?  Any medium goes .. paper to gems .. and I bet there are loads of ideas ........

Melissa is the taskmaster - let's knock her socks off!!  ( .. love the motivation .. but boy oh boy .. will I be able to do it?