Sunday, October 24, 2010

Spiders, Pendants, Christmas Story, and FUN!

What a fun day I had yesterday!  Early voting (whew, glad that's done) made me get out and about early .. and off to a fairly good sized craft show - ideas galore and yeah, cookies too!  Then off to do errands .. but .. umm . . one more side trip to The Bead Place in Swansea IL .. for an adventure in spider making! 

Late as usual, I got lucky finding out it was 2 hours of drop in lessons .. FREE mind you ... and it was all I could do to sit still waiting for a chair ;o)  What to choose?  Should I do a sparkly spider ornament ... or should I make earrings ... or should I go for a pendant? 

Sparkle .. yep, that's what I'll do first .. and yippee .. a chair!!  Help me find the right supplies .. ack .. so many and I have to pick colors too?  Yipes!!  Ok, got it .. off to the sparkly spider creation .. and oh what fun it was .. you've GOT to be kidding me .. this floppy tangle is going to turn into a purty spider?  LOL!  YES!!  It did .. and in the process, I learned of a legend (Thanks Abbi) ~ The Christmas Spider ~ and if you don't know the story look it up ~ it's awesome!!

So, I've named my spider .. IMP .. for a few reasons .. full of pep, won't stay still, cute of course .. and lots of fun!  Here he is ..

I even learned some new tricks!  Debatable if I'll ever remember them but .. ummmm .. that's why shout outs were created, right?

Well, I couldn't just stop here .. so off to the other table .. and I decided to make a pendant spider web .. mainly because I have never tried a pendant before .. and it looked so awesome on a beaded chain .. ready?  Here we go!     First question .. how is your wrist today?  Uh Oh .. my wrist?     How come?

The wire!  Never used this kind of wire before and it was great to play with!  The web is done!  Learning more new tricks!!  Make a spider now?  Are you kidding me?  How many legs do spiders have anyway?  Oh yeah .. I know that already .. just learned it .. they have 8 .. 4 on each side .. yep, that's my story!

I want a blue spider .. no particular reason .. I'm sure there is such a thing somewhere .. cool beans!  Slight problem though .. the head won't fit the body .. oops .. ok, black head with blue body .. ;o)  Had to break and see the other ladies earrings .. totally incredible .. and I hope they post them too!  Ready .. set .. go .. trim the spider legs .. sure .. lol .. like I know how long a spider's legs are?  Snip, snip, snip .. and voila!!

Hopefully more days like this will happen throughout the year!  Now I think I'm off to make another spider .. for Christmas ~ ;o)