Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Earrings - All Laurie's Fault!!

What am I thinkin'? This is all Laurie's fault for tempting me with new 'stuff' to try! I definitely don't have the hang of it .. but these might work for a time or two! Something fun to do while waiting for brakes to be worked on ..

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Knotting and Boondoogle-ing ~ Bracelets!

Boondoggle? What is it? LOL - my grandson said I had to learn how to do this project and he was right! Imagine when he showed me what it was all about and I realized it was a new name for an age old camp project I had learned back in the days of Camp Claire! What fun re-learning with my munchkin!

So, if we can do 'boondoggles' .. can we actually try to knot a bracelet .. or anklet? Hmmmmm ... we gave it our best shot .. this is Hunter's:

He worked very diligently on this and really only took him about an hour and a half once he got started knotting! He wanted something pretty to take home for his Mom -

Well, not to be outdone .. of course I had to make one too - and the fun thing about this string is the colors never come out the same way so each one is unique .. and slightly addictive! Here's my attempt:

We ran out of time to try adding charms, bling, or even trying a necklace length .. but I'm sure we'll get lots of ideas as we continue to practice. ;o)))))