Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blog Hop: The Ring Bearer gets Diverted!

A gorgeous fall day, family and friends all gathered for a much anticipated wedding - my youngest son, Doug .. bride is Heather and the wedding party includes my oldest son, Chris .. as best man .. and his son Hunter, as ring bearer.

The wedding was awesome .. the kids were great ~ little Neveah had a ball strewing out the flowers everywhere .. her Dad was in the wedding party .. and afterwards there was a lot of picture taking, and the kids .. Hunter in particular .. were very motivated to clean up quick so we could get to the reception.

As Grandma, of course I had to help and do Grandma things with Hunter .. and that usually means walk, tell stories, and be sure my little guy is safe and sound. We were in a huge tented area .. and he was being a great helper .. in his tux .. when we heard a shout .. HEY GRANDMA!! OOPS, that would be me! He was on his way to throw away a can for somebody .. and I'm quite sure this critter jumped right out at him and needed to be included in the hoopla! He ran over and posed very nicely ..
We all had a wonderful time .. the fuzzy wuzzy had to stay at the waterfall area as we all gravitated toward the reception .. and my Hunter man was the escort of the evening as he danced away with his Grandma ..
We missed many people who were not able to attend .. particularly the other munchkins .. and their Mom, Jen.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Somebody knows me - and my ice cream!

LOL ~ a 'secret' arrived in the mail today ~ and just happened to have a triple decker ICE CREAM cone on the inside!!

I have no idea how anybody would know that I like ice cream .. and surely not 3 scoops .. has Heather been telling on me? Laurie? Marlene? Hmmm!

Thank you Melissa, Owen, Bella, and the 'unborn'!

Blog Hopping Adventure!

Blog Hopping Tuesday!

What a fun idea! I have a great time poking around on different blogs and this got me motivated to join in the fun! Now gotta see if I can do it right!

Three things you don't know about me is the theme of this blog hop so . . . how far back can I go with mystery things nobody would know about .. hmmmm

1. I flew on an airplane for the first time when I was 10 ~ all by myself ~ leaving Hartford and going to Ft. Ligonier PA to see my best childhood friend, Deneb. Had a great time there - first time in my life I'd ever stayed at a mansion with a huge pool, a pond, guesthouse, dumb waiter and maid. I learned to ride a horse that summer, Tatters .. a gentle critter that didn't mind a scared kid up on his back and he took me all over the place ~ a very memorable summer.

2. I learned to snow ski at Mt Sunapee NH in 9th grade (or thereabouts) with my parents, brother and youngest sister. We had a ball .. lessons consisted of learning the 'snow plow' stop and then we graduated to riding up the mountain (hill) on the J Bar .. what a hoot! Didn't know I was just supposed to stand there and let it just gently slide me up the hill .. nope .. thought we were supposed to sit on it .. yeah .. I had to go first .. I was the guinea pig .. thunk .. down I went! When we finally got all of us to the top .. we were ready .. doing great .. yep .. ready, set, GO ... then Dad slid across the back of my skis and down we tumbled .. took several tries but we got it!

3. I won $1000.00 at a casino in Las Vegas due to a (yuk) cockroach! Had no idea how to play video poker but it looked like all I had to do was match colors or suits or something so why not .. til a nasty old roach crawled across the screen .. forget that! Moved to another machine .. put my token in .. matched the colors .. all is good .. Then I went to put another token in and nothing .. I was not a happy camper. All of a sudden this lady came over with lights blinking etc .. LOL .. the reason it wouldn't take my token was I'd won $1000.00! Yeehah!

LOL! I had a hard time trying to think of three things that nobody would know .. and even now don't know if I managed to do it! Can't tell secrets!! Not that I have any .. nope, not me!

So posting this and going to see what happens next ..

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Beautiful Impressions ~ Rubber Stamp Store ~ Westbrook CT

Beautiful Impressions ~ Awesome Store!!

This store is a fun place to visit! Meandering around the small towns in Conn. we were trying to find a Cricut location ~ which we did ~ but naturally it was closed on the one day we had the chance to explore. So, as we were pulling away from the curb .. a couple doors down .. we hit the jackpot! No Cricut, but rubber stamping heaven!!

Link to actual storefront: http://beautiful-impressions.com

This store not only has all the different goodies I see people chatting about online, but there are actual samples of so many different cards and ideas there it just boggles my simple mind! I wish I'd asked for permission to take pictures .. but didn't .. however I'm sure there are some on their website .. and I'd just love to try them all.

We got lucky ~ we met Terri W., the owner. We had a ball chatting with her, and if I'd been able to spend more time there we probably would have known many people in common .. small towns .. but the best part of all .. Terri knows all the ins and outs of stamping! What a wealth of information and so refreshing to have the luckiness (is that a word) of meeting the owner AND she's knowledgeable on all her products!

Tons of activities here ~ and I'm pretty sure there are online classes .. I sure hope so cause I don't get back there often and would love to do the classes! If you can't get there .. visit online .. can't wait to get back there to see all the goodies again!

As a side note, anybody that knows me .. well, ice cream is kind of an addiction .. and there is an ice cream shoppe co-located here! I didn't get to try it .. but sure will next time!

Thanks Terri ~ if I didn't have to figure a way to get 'stuff' back to Illinois I would have collected quite a few new toys!