Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oh Baby!

I have a new neighbor -the 4-legged variety - named Baby! She's some kind of shepherd (sp?) mix, 5 months old, very mellow, and it's nearly impossible for me to pass her up going in and out of the house! She just rolls over and if she could talk "Rub My Tummy" would be sure to escape from her!

She was adopted by the family next door to me from an animal shelter in O'Fallon .. her previous owner was an older woman whose dog had pups and she just couldn't keep them all. I really hope she behaves ~ she got in trouble the other day for digging holes .. so we had to have a slight conversation about that .. and I'm pretty sure there will be more adventures with her.

My boys are very curious who that new critter is out there playing .. guess as long as she doesn't get their DQ treats they'll survive!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

In loving memory of my parents, Elizabeth Cole and Douglas William Sangster ~ and their unwavering support of our country in World War II.

As the daughter of WWII veterans, mother of an active duty Air Force NCO currently deployed, and retired veteran myself I can sincerely pay tribute to those that have served in the past, and dedicated their lives to our freedom with the integrity and love of country instilled in so many of us.

I'm sure I"m babbling .. this is a very sentimental topic for me .. and I hope everyone enjoy's their weekend but also remembers as they watch parades to pay tribute to those we have lost, our own loved ones as well as the loved ones of others. This day always reminds me of home, Essex Connecticut, a beautiful little town where I went to (and marched in) many a Memorial Day Parade. The town turns out .. so many folks are remembered and I can picture the cemetery as the locals pay tribute and all the veteran's have American Flags honoring them by their headstones. The view is so pretty looking out over the cove ~

So many to remember .. so much to be thankful for .. and lately so many memories resurfacing. Special remembrances go out to all ancestors of course but over and above ~ Mom and Dad, Mrs. & Mrs. Castanza & Mr. Cook & Cheri on behalf of Laurie Laterra, Chuck Lelko on behalf of Chris and Doug, Mr. Tower on behalf of his son Chuck, Mrs. Jacome on behalf of Donna Seymour, Jason on behalf of Melissa ~ and ever so many others.

With love and many wonderful memories ~

Friday, May 15, 2009

Lookee What I Got ~ Not Sharin' Either!

Woooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooo! I got a super neat craft project in the mail today! Thank you DeeDee and the Craft It Forward adventure!!

Check out this cupcake! I have seen them online in different places but didn't quite get it .. now I can see ~ it's layers with all my flavorites .. chocolate .. strawberry .. whip cream and even a cherry WITH stem on top! The RicRack trim is great detail along with the "Sweet" warning .. so I guess instead of trying to eat it maybe I'll just prop it up on my desk and let the others peek and wonder!

I really have to get busy this weekend and make my projects to send out ..

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Passion For Crafts!

Yikes! I totally misunderstood! Correction to previous entry! Happy Birthday to Debbie at Passion For Crafts! http://passionforcrafts.blogspot.com/2009/05/birthday-blog-candy.html

I'm so blog addicted! Go here and leave a comment and see the awesome goodies!! There are SO many things to look at!! You'll want to become a follower!
I'm heading back there now to check out all the entries!
Happy Happy Birthday Debbie!!
And DeeDee .. LOL .. I'll have to catch up with you on your real birthday too! ;o)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Run! Freebies! Unreal! Visit DeeDee!

Hurry! Run! Skip! Jump! Get on over to DeeDee's blog ~ http://deedeescraftspot.blogspot.com/

First off ~ Happy Birthday to a very talented crafter who seems to have a grip on all kinds of neat ideas AND a gorgeous garden!

Check out the share she has on there ~ it's HER birthday but she's giving away a variety of things that would make any crafter happy . . don't you wish you were there tasting that orange sugar .. sniffin' her flowers .. watching for her tomato's to turn ripe? I don't think there is a freebie to go play with her but my gosh, that giveaway is just incredible!

There are Copic markers (to die for from what I"ve heard), Spellbinder Nestabilities,

Fiskars, Stamps, Papers .. ack!! You have got to go see!!!

Also, if you haven't ever watched the hubbub on http://www.pccrafter.com/ on what they call Sketti Night (that's just about every Wednesday) it's a fun thing to do! You'll find the crowd in the General Chat section. There are prizes, chats about all kinds of things from daily crafting to weather and events. Many experts gather there while they wait for the newest releases of graphics to be announced .. as in serving up Sketti!

It's a grumbling, rumbling, day of thunder here in the St Louis area .. those angels must be having a bowling convention and stirring things up! If we're lucky no tornados will be in the mix but in the meantime windy, wet, and humid.

Thanks to DeeDee (http://deedeescraftspot.blogspot.com/) for her generosity .. and I'm popping on over there now myself!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day ~ I"ve been Adopted!

What a nice surprise! A handmade card arrived the other day .. and since my boys surely didn't make it .. and there was no return address .. hmmmm .. who could it be? Of course! I've been adopted .. Melissa did it! A special girl who brings a world of entertainment into our lives each day .. this is really a treat to know she took the time out from being a new Mommy of twins (http://sugarbaby-liveyourstory.blogspot.com/) Owen and Isabella to create this card!

As sneaky as can be .. she told me to name a Disney character .. and I"m SO cartoon challenged .. all I could think of was Aristocats .. lol .. is it even Disney? Guess so, cause I got away with that answer, whew! Enclosed, with a totally sweet and loving note .. was a special remembrance :

So .. adoption is pretty nice! LOL! Hoping everyone had a nice Mother's Day .. I'm easy . . as long as I know my boys are safe and sound the day is one more special day! Both are fine! Doug and Heather grilled swordfish and we had a nice visit .. Jen had the boys out swimming in over 100 degree heat .. ack .. and Chris touched base so I know he's ok too! Spoke to Sara earlier this week and know they are fine .. so my world is good! ;o)

Monday, May 4, 2009

I'm a Little Pink Seahorse .. Whoohoo!

Pink Seahorse! Yeehah!

First of all, I can’t get over the lack of response to the Craft It Forward ~ a chance to get handmade crafts for FREE? Oh well, I know I”ll have fun with it!

I joined a new yahoo group called SCAL4Beginners .. and already learnin’ new tricks! There are some very talented Cricut users, card makers, and all around experts in the group willing to share their tips and expertise.

SCAL stands for Sure Cuts A Lot ~ a totally separate program available both online and in local scrapbook stores to use as an alternative for cutting options with Cricut machines. The fantastic thing about it is you can take different fonts and shapes not available on the ProvoCraft cartridges and design/cut to your hearts content. So, after completing the 1st Challenge (read all the help tutorials) I was itchin’ to try something. I’m really new to all the Cricut, Design Studio, and SCAL but hoping to learn as I go along.

The next challenge was to take a shape and learn by trying how to copy/paste in order to have two identical shapes, flip one of the shapes, line them up, and eventually weld them together as if joined to make one piece. In theory, I should be able to fold the completed cutout in half to make a card.

Well .. I kinda sorta was able to do this .. however it will never suffice as a card! I chose a seahorse shape (if anyone wants the file feel free to email for it) and with a few oops here and there I was able to get it to work! You’ll see in the picture where I forgot to take out the little piece where the tail/flipper things welded .. and my mat is SO sticky I don’t know if I”ll be able to get the poor little gal (pink has to be a girl seahorse, right?) off the mat but in the meantime I’m admiring the handiwork and thankful to the gals on SCAL4Beginners for putting this challenge up!

Simple things for simple minds .. now what is the next challenge .. hmmmmmmmmmm ..