Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blog Hop: The Ring Bearer gets Diverted!

A gorgeous fall day, family and friends all gathered for a much anticipated wedding - my youngest son, Doug .. bride is Heather and the wedding party includes my oldest son, Chris .. as best man .. and his son Hunter, as ring bearer.

The wedding was awesome .. the kids were great ~ little Neveah had a ball strewing out the flowers everywhere .. her Dad was in the wedding party .. and afterwards there was a lot of picture taking, and the kids .. Hunter in particular .. were very motivated to clean up quick so we could get to the reception.

As Grandma, of course I had to help and do Grandma things with Hunter .. and that usually means walk, tell stories, and be sure my little guy is safe and sound. We were in a huge tented area .. and he was being a great helper .. in his tux .. when we heard a shout .. HEY GRANDMA!! OOPS, that would be me! He was on his way to throw away a can for somebody .. and I'm quite sure this critter jumped right out at him and needed to be included in the hoopla! He ran over and posed very nicely ..
We all had a wonderful time .. the fuzzy wuzzy had to stay at the waterfall area as we all gravitated toward the reception .. and my Hunter man was the escort of the evening as he danced away with his Grandma ..
We missed many people who were not able to attend .. particularly the other munchkins .. and their Mom, Jen.

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  1. Little boys always bring extra excitement! I love it.

    Happy Hoppin'


  2. What a lovely time this sounds...and grandmas love is matched by no other...hugs.great story of a happy day

  3. I left yous omething on my blog....hugs

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