Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Earrings - All Laurie's Fault!!

What am I thinkin'? This is all Laurie's fault for tempting me with new 'stuff' to try! I definitely don't have the hang of it .. but these might work for a time or two! Something fun to do while waiting for brakes to be worked on ..


  1. FOUND THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey these are pretty!!

    Good job!

    Now you gotta make the 'ghetto' looking ones ;o)

  2. Love your earrings...those soap boxes are by the make up and bath products...if you contact her she will send you one for $6.00 thats a dollar less than the soap is......would love to have you join us...I cannot email your address keeps coming back undelivered for some reason.. if I cna help more let me know