Monday, February 21, 2011

Instamorph & Friendly Plastic - Adventures in Melting and Creating

Friendly Plastic - a retro craft that I never tried but one day in Hobby Lobby I saw some of the neatest colors .. and of course they jumped in my basket .. then home to see what kind of videos are out there - and it seems like there aren't really a lot - but enough to get me started.  I bought some pellets from Amazon called 'Insta Morph' and with the help of a very friendly Instamorph guru (Brian) ( I decided to play with both these products together.

The Friendly Plastic is really fun - and I can see lots more projects in my future .. the Instamorph is great too!  I found the friendly plastic too 'thin' for making pendants and used the white Instamorph pellets .. they melt totally clear .. to create a very stable backing for what I wanted.  I'm hooked - have to find more time to play!
Different selections of Friendly Plastic melted over thin layer of Instamorph / then applied to bamboo piece and wire wrapped for pendant.

Friendly Plastic leftovers in many colors melted together and sprinkled with tiny glass beads, mounted on thin metal backing and wire wrapped.
Friendly Plastic melted over Instamorph / shaped with small cookie cutter

The other thing I tried was really fun .. took a heart shaped cookie cutter and melted Instamorph .. then used an irridescent white slab of Friendly Plastic as a top cover ~ that part came out extremely well.  My thought was to use the shape 'upside down' and make a bunny .. problem is I can't draw and the face didn't come out the way I wanted it to .. PLUS how will I do the ears .. ho hum .. this is a blooper //

Bunny Flop .. melting was fine .. shape perfect .. but can't draw .. seems like the ink 'ran' using black Sharpie

The next two are mixing products again - and what I really love about these is the variations that are possible by accident or on purpose if I'm lucky enough ;o)
Mini Cookie Cutter shape with Instamorph layer / covered with scraps for color .. wrapped with lightweight metal sheet / black color .. edges punched with paper punch.

Very mixed 'media' on this one and I love it!  Melted Instamorph then 'painted' with random colors of nail polish.  Remelted and added in scraps of Friendly Plastic around the edges .. still need to finish these pieces and either wire wrap or add to the back for hanging pendant.

This is a great craft!!!  Would love to see more information, postings, ideas, feedback!!  Let's play!!!!!

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