Monday, February 18, 2013

Mad Scientist Weekend .. well .. maybe not ;o)

Well here it is .. President's Day .. no mail .. no banking .. should be designated as no work .. but it ain't ..... so I'll babble about my poor kitchen turned mad scientist lab over the weekend ;o)

I've been playing with Friendly Plastic lately .. and Friendly Plastic pellets .. and wanted to experiment more . . specifically making molds that I can use to form shapes with the melted Friendly Plastic .. and talking chocolate candy adventures at the same time with Laurie .. got so wound up in 'molds' I became lost in a world I've never explored!

First, I watched videos .. and found that in my stash I had some 'liquid clay' .. Translucent Sculpey .. Liquid Sculpey .. TLS .. I've seen it called any one of those names but it's all the same little bottle (Michael's/Joann's) .. and I thought it was just for bonding clay pieces together but not so ..

This video was excellent!  Liquid Polymer Clay Mold
and I basically followed the instructions as laid out on the video .. how easy this should be!!  Well .. not so fast .. it WAS easy .. but also found out that I didn't plan quite right ..


This would have been perfect if I"d only leveled the button out somehow .. but how???  This is a super quick way to make a mold .. but will have to try with a flat backed object.

So .. what else is in the stash .. some brittle Friendly Plastic .. my 'crackers' .. but can't throw them away so I'll melt them into a pile and see what happens ..

The 'crackers' melted in with the flexible strips and bonded leaving me with a super nice fluted heart shape!!

Then I found some Easy Mold silicone putty .. OMG .. this is definitely my new favorite goop!  It must last forever cause I haven't a clue where it came from or when it entered the stash but yeehah!  So easy to use .. no formal measuring .. just mix some Part A with Part B .. and mold away!

No oven needed .. and only about 15 min from the time you put the goop on the piece you are making a mold of .. for a NO PATIENCE person .. this is all me!!

First try:

And then a bunny:

A panda bear and a cat:

And because I ran out of buttons .. a blend of the friendly plastic 'blob' cut out with an oval metal cutter .. backed with same shape friendly pellets melted in cutter .. adding in my silhouette .. and Magic Glos ..

Still needs another layer of Magic Glos and then a wire wrap of some sort to make a pendant ..

All buttons are fair game now!  Don't know what I'll do with the molds but sure is a fun thing to do .. having failed biology in high school I never went on to chemistry .. this is my idea of chemistry!  ;o)

Now for a blooper .. this was also done with 'crackers' friendly plastic sticks .. in a mold of a cabachon setting .. I put the mold directly on the heat tray (that's another awesome point about the Easy Mold) and melted the 'crackers' pretty side down so they'd pick up the features of the mold .. the colors when it cooled didn't 'pop' like I wanted them to .. and I'll experiment again ..


  1. Fantastic stuff, well done and thank you for sharing. I hope you don't mind, but I have told everyone about your post by blogging about this myself, and putting a link to you. I just love all this sharing!

  2. Love the heart particularly.

    Did you need to add your flexible strips to get your crackers to bond well?

    If so would you kindly share the proportions that work best?
    Many thanks!

  3. Hi Suella - thank you! Yes I did add some of the flexible snippets into the mix .. no rhyme or reason .. just knew I had several snapper crackers. The ones that I could cut with scissors I just made into little triangles or squares whichever came out .. and the brittle ones were not able to really be shaped so as they broke off I could place them randomly too.

    I imagine if I'd used a larger piece of parchment paper I could have gotten several hearts or other shapes to work with. It's great fun and really can't be a mistake cause it's just random!

    Have fun!!

  4. those turned out great! I have a bunch of friendly plast crackers to play with too. marbelizing them works well!