Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day = Gorgeous Flowers = Hot Diggety Dog

What's in a day .. when I realize it's Valentine's Day and start off by tripping over a sound asleep pooch .. realize I have forgotten to dry the clothes in the dryer (again) .. and remember it's my turn to drive so need to be on time .. can it get worse?

Oh sure it can .. lol .. trip over the other dog .. and they wanna EAT now!  Forget turning the dryer on Mom .. get the food ready .. give out the meds in those smelly old vienna sausages .. get a move on .. yeah yeah yeah .. we hear the cell phone beeping that it's your turn for WordFeud .. but that's gotta wait!

Whew . . ok .. dryer on .. dogs fed .. meds distributed to all three of us .. run for the shower .. time's a wastin .. uh oh .. phone again .. it's ringing .. dang it I missed it .. argh!

Ok .. shower done .. hair will just have to be in it's 'natural mess' and it's time to get out and warm the van .. but .. can it be that easy .. nope .. it's all frosty and maybe if I back up into the sunshine it'll melt faster .. go go go  ..

And then ....... the phone rings .. passenger is 'doing a favor' for the babysitter and running late .. ack .. we have to be at work by 8 .. and it's 5 til .. think we'll make it?  Don't bet on it .. cause we ain't a gonna be there any earlier than 8:45 .. so why not stop and get a cuppa coffee .. let's make it a caramel latte!!

Drop the keys .. spill the coffee .. fiddlesticks .. get to office and trip up the stairs .. didn't fall .. all is good .. see a huge pile of workload that has to be done .. never mind .. piece of cake .. and most everybody seems crabby so won't have to bother talking to anybody .. whew .. settled in .. and THENNNN...

The office door opens and a lady comes in wanting a signature .. argh .. flower arrivals already .. c'mon folks .. can't ya do this stuff at home?  Trudge on over and give her my name .. and she says OH .. well these are for YOU!!

They ARE?  Hot Diggety Dog!  I gotta pretend I'm mad about this .. not supposed to waste money on flowers .. ha ha ha .. how sweet!  Of course I'm snatching the card .. what does it say .. who did this?  Well, well, well .. just as I suspected .. and I'm not sharing .. it's a secret ..

So .. what's in a day?  Lots and lots of ups and downs .. but on THIS particular day .. I've been treated to something very special .. and unlike ice cream, eating out, nerves, and anxiety .. I won't even get a tummy ache!  Yeehah! 

Guess I better stop babbling ..

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