Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day 2009

In loving memory of my parents, Elizabeth Cole and Douglas William Sangster ~ and their unwavering support of our country in World War II.

As the daughter of WWII veterans, mother of an active duty Air Force NCO currently deployed, and retired veteran myself I can sincerely pay tribute to those that have served in the past, and dedicated their lives to our freedom with the integrity and love of country instilled in so many of us.

I'm sure I"m babbling .. this is a very sentimental topic for me .. and I hope everyone enjoy's their weekend but also remembers as they watch parades to pay tribute to those we have lost, our own loved ones as well as the loved ones of others. This day always reminds me of home, Essex Connecticut, a beautiful little town where I went to (and marched in) many a Memorial Day Parade. The town turns out .. so many folks are remembered and I can picture the cemetery as the locals pay tribute and all the veteran's have American Flags honoring them by their headstones. The view is so pretty looking out over the cove ~

So many to remember .. so much to be thankful for .. and lately so many memories resurfacing. Special remembrances go out to all ancestors of course but over and above ~ Mom and Dad, Mrs. & Mrs. Castanza & Mr. Cook & Cheri on behalf of Laurie Laterra, Chuck Lelko on behalf of Chris and Doug, Mr. Tower on behalf of his son Chuck, Mrs. Jacome on behalf of Donna Seymour, Jason on behalf of Melissa ~ and ever so many others.

With love and many wonderful memories ~


  1. What a special blog post!

    How very sweet of you to pay tribute to soldiers.

    Thanks for posting pics too!!

    and a big thanks for mentioning Jason :]
    ily mudder!

  2. As I read this I was choking back tears. Knowing you before in HS and then meeting up again in 1976 in Guam, and loosing track of you since then. What a way to rekindle a friendship that has lasted throughout and over the years. Sara-I am so proud of you being a retired SMSgt and haveing a Son now serving in Iraq. My thoughts and prayers are with you, his wife, and him as he serves our great nation and is helping other to come to a peace loving nation. Maybe someday, we can march together in the Memorial Day parade in Essex, and together honor those who served before us, with us, and are now serving and will server after them. ITS GREAT TO BE AN AMERICAN LIVING IN THE USA>>>>!!!!!!

  3. Mom~ After reading Chuck's comment I realized there was someting I never said.

    HOw proud I am of you. Many kids my age dont realize or even think of how lucky we are to live in this great country. I NEVER thought of it or even realized it until I met you and heard the few stories you have shared with me. I could never imagine having to make some of the choices you had to. Thank you so much for serving our country.

    I love you very much forever and ever

  4. Sara,
    What a wonderful tribute, thank you for remembering my family too. I have always been proud of you!!!! Your my best friend and will always be like a sister to me. I love you Kiddo!

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  6. Thank you Mita. I don't know how to get ahold of you and I certainly appreciate your nomination and visit to my blog! Sara