Monday, May 4, 2009

I'm a Little Pink Seahorse .. Whoohoo!

Pink Seahorse! Yeehah!

First of all, I can’t get over the lack of response to the Craft It Forward ~ a chance to get handmade crafts for FREE? Oh well, I know I”ll have fun with it!

I joined a new yahoo group called SCAL4Beginners .. and already learnin’ new tricks! There are some very talented Cricut users, card makers, and all around experts in the group willing to share their tips and expertise.

SCAL stands for Sure Cuts A Lot ~ a totally separate program available both online and in local scrapbook stores to use as an alternative for cutting options with Cricut machines. The fantastic thing about it is you can take different fonts and shapes not available on the ProvoCraft cartridges and design/cut to your hearts content. So, after completing the 1st Challenge (read all the help tutorials) I was itchin’ to try something. I’m really new to all the Cricut, Design Studio, and SCAL but hoping to learn as I go along.

The next challenge was to take a shape and learn by trying how to copy/paste in order to have two identical shapes, flip one of the shapes, line them up, and eventually weld them together as if joined to make one piece. In theory, I should be able to fold the completed cutout in half to make a card.

Well .. I kinda sorta was able to do this .. however it will never suffice as a card! I chose a seahorse shape (if anyone wants the file feel free to email for it) and with a few oops here and there I was able to get it to work! You’ll see in the picture where I forgot to take out the little piece where the tail/flipper things welded .. and my mat is SO sticky I don’t know if I”ll be able to get the poor little gal (pink has to be a girl seahorse, right?) off the mat but in the meantime I’m admiring the handiwork and thankful to the gals on SCAL4Beginners for putting this challenge up!

Simple things for simple minds .. now what is the next challenge .. hmmmmmmmmmm ..


  1. Nice job!!!!!!!!!! very good!!

    and you made it just for me how kind of you hahaha

    kidding! great job mudder bear!!!!

  2. You go girl.. I would love to check out that yahoo group...please do share...I have all the stuff to do

    love the pink seahorses lots...keep up the good work..

  3. Hey Doodle

    I left you a blog award on my blog go grab it for yours...


  4. Fun idea, you'll have to make a seaside project now :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog