Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2009 Class Night Stafford CT High School

June 18th 2009 ~ Stafford High School (Conn) Class Night

What a fun time!! I've never heard of this event before (maybe too old to remember - yikes) .. but had a great time! The graduating class, their families ~ seemed like mostly parents, faculty, and some important board members/townspeople attended this function ~ and it was all about the senior's.

Although it was all around fun seeing pictures of these 'kids' from kindergarten all the way up through their senior year .. I was totally astounded by the talents of the senior's who did a variety of different skits/shows throughout the night.

My 'little sister' Lovey .. yeah yeah yeah .. supposed to call her Laurie but she'll never know .. had me in tears! She is on a quick approach to being in her late 40's and this is the first time I've ever had the chance to really see her playing the piano .. she is just incredible! I know this was all about the kids .. but without my sister none of these events would happen .. and I'm so glad I was invited to see the whole show!
The next highlight of the evening was when my nephew Timmy went up on stage, with another senior, Emily .. and the emcee said they were singing Scarborough Fair .. dedicated to Aunt Sara! Yikes .. on came the tears again! What voices .. perfect delivery .. and as I sat there I thought how lucky I am to have such a talented family to be with! I wish I could have shared that night with so many significant others .. and know for sure my parents would have really enjoyed the night. Wish I was better at taking pics!
Once the show was over all the excitement was focused on the following day .. the actual graduation was to take place on the 19th! The Class Night is a great concept ~ not sure if it's a local event or if other school's have something similar but if you ever get a chance to go .. do it!!