Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chester CT ~ Visit with Nana ~ Great Trip!

June 16th .. at the crack of dawn .. leaving for St Louis airport and heading home to Essex CT! This trip is always my favorite .. going home .. and especially when it's for a fun reason! I was supposed to leave late on the 16th .. but switched the flight to an earlier time .. too antsy! Then the challenge upon arrival .. how will I get in the house ~ all the locks were changed .. hmmm .. get there early and catch up with somebody who has a key!

Arrived early afternoon, and decided to visit "Nana" in the nursing home on the way to Essex. For the past several years Nana has maintained her age at a consistent 90 .. almost to where I don't know her real age! Her birthday had just taken place on the 14th (Flag Day) and she was walking with her walker down the hall toward me .. and got a huge smile as she greeted me! She gets me mixed up with my Mom so I never correct her .. I just go with the flow .. and this time the flow was following her to the community room where they were having a game time. Shortly after we got there .. Nana just kind of flopped over on my shoulder .. and napped for 30 min or so .. so sweet .. how many of us can say our grandparent has napped on our shoulder!

When she woke up, she was again surprised to see me .. and several of the other elderly people were begging her to play the piano .. and she did! I haven't heard her play or seen her play in probably 40 years! It was awesome! She played several hymns, patriotic songs, and then I asked her to play Yankee Doodle!

The whole room was tapping along to the music .. some were singing .. and I was so proud to be a part of that activity! Nana told me stories I had heard many times before but really enjoyed hearing again ~ recalling times from many years ago when she went out on the Connecticut River duck hunting .. how to get to the blinds .. Grandpa steering the boat .. shooting the ducks right alongside of him .. her roast beef with Yorkshire pudding holiday meal .. and several people that she remembered from Essex .. Mrs. Cook, Mrs. Adams, Mr. Tedesco and some I didn't even remember.

Great quality time with our oldest family member ~ hope she has many more healthy years and I'll do it again next time! ;o) I just love old folks and kids .. plus a lot in between ;o)

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  1. That is really sweet!! awww

    It must have been awesome to see her play the PIANO..... :]