Tuesday, June 30, 2009

On to Essex - and Remembrance on the 4th to Mom, Dad, & Mr. Tower

Hometown USA ~ Essex CT! It's a ritual from childhood .. in order to go 'home' a trip down Main Street and around the docks is nearly mandatory ~ the car just goes there automatically! And yep, those same ducks I fed as a child are still there swimmin' around looking for a bite of bread! Next stop after ensuring all is the same downtown the car drifts to the cemetery .. beautiful resting place and gotta tell Mom and Dad all the troubles I've gotten in to since last visit, pull weeds, and make sure all is intact. It was a gorgeous day ~

Next .. the scary part .. going to the house .. and wondering exactly 'who' my 'squatters' are and what kind of mess I'll have to deal with. Walked around the back yard, the back lots, got some pictures .. and wandering back toward the house when a uniformed man quickly approached asking me if "I was a daughter" . . yep, that's me .. a daughter .. and yes, I belong there as the introductions are made with a neighbor I've never met .. and who happens to be a CT State Corrections Officer .. yippee skippy! As he was catching me up on Maple Ave events (another story in itself) ANOTHER man comes around the corner of the garage .. holy smokes .. who is that? Too much excitement! Chuck Tower stopped by on his way home from work - I don't even remember if I had the keys at this point .. but did have a nice long visit with neighbors and then off to Saybrook to see Laurie! ( And of course Thena and Casey ) Finally went through the house and it just gags me what people (strangers?) will do to an empty house .. aside from breaking in .. argh!

Laurie and I had a 'plan' of course .. too bad I had no communication at all! Cell phone .. no service and of all the flippin' times .. the house phone, internet, and tv all were out! Ok, so camping adventure for me! Errands on Wed that had to be done .. then we got to get up front and personal with a 'bucket truck' .. gheesh I wanted to go up in that darn bucket to see what it was like but that didn't work out! As we sat and laughed (too much) over a really nice lunch .. we all realized how the years have gotten away from us. I think we might be 'old' .. but not quite antique!

As the day went by I knew somebody would come looking for me .. no computer and no cell .. unheard of! We just pulled into the driveway .. Laurie was heading home .. and a car pulled up .. fist waving in the air .. busted .. it was Lovey and Sara! We all chatted in the yard .. when a big truck pulled up .. uh oh .. 4 females saying 'who is that' .. oops .. Chuck! What a mistake that was .. talk about a honey do gaggle .. can you fix the tv .. can you fix the computer .. the toilet is leaking .. oh yeah .. the phone doesn't work either!

We all went in the house and had a really nice visit ~ thanks you guys! Thursday was an awesome day ~ I got to do all that I wanted to do ~ then go to Class Night .. Friday .. graduation .. Saturday the movies (The Proposal) and riding around to all our 'haunts' from high school .. seeing the changes .. chatting as we strolled memory lane .. the do you remember's .. topped off with ice cream!

I've been home many, many times .. this was a very special trip. Nobody was sick, no trauma to deal with .. plenty of incredible drama .. and seeing / meeting so many people that I've wondered about over the years .. Kim, Barbara, Dan, .. always great to see Laurie .. and Lovey, Tim, Sara, Timmy, Julie .. Mrs. Cook .. and yep, Chuck .. a special thanks to a very special man for all you've already done and helping me with so many things (you have no idea the trouble you are in for) coming up!

Thoughts and prayers are with Mom, Dad, and Mr. Tower for their efforts in past wars/conflicts that protected us from our enemies and guaranteed our independence!


  1. oh wow!! fun times!!!!

    too bad you and Laurie forgot about me :[ sniff sniff.... hahaha

    I love the pics!!!

  2. Wow...what a great entry you have here...I could not stop reading until the end...my .I have too lost both my parents in the last two years...maybe our parents are freinds up there....and the adventures of the olden days when we were kids...so memorable...my thoughts and prayers are with you ...and thanks to mom, dad and Mr. Tower for serving out country so well..hugs