Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mom, Surprises, and Challenges!

Happy Birthday remembrances today to a very, very, special Mom. It's unreal to me that she is gone ~ normally we'd be chatting back and forth on the computer which she learned at the young age of at least 80 .. and having a ball! Every night we did jigsaw puzzles and crossword puzzles online .. as well as resolve all the world's problems .. ;o)

Since I can't share my stories with her today, I'll put a few here that I know she would totally enjoy! First of all, my Chris is coming home from his deployment and that's better than all the tea in China for sure! The spider bite saga .. where is my nurse Mom with all the advice on how to handle that durn bite! Got it covered Mom!

And gossip! Guess what I got! A gorgeous vase of 8 roses arrived yesterday! Boy did that create some raised eyebrows and questions! LOL! Back when the dinosaurs were alive (pretty sure anyway) a high school classmate of mine, Chuck Tower, was one of the 'gang' .. along with Laurie, Donna, Marcia, Kim, + all .. (yes, another Chuck) .. confused yet? After graduation, both of us entered the Air Force at different times and not knowing the other one did til we met again in 1976 on Guam!

Conditions were horrible! Super Typhoon Pamela had destroyed the island, no water, no power, and there I was in the passenger terminal doing US Immigrations checks on inbound passengers and viola - somebody knew me?? LOL! Many years passed and we lost contact, until recently Facebook allowed so many of us oldies to reconnect and my shock was complete when I realized both of us had completed over 20 years serving our country .. but sadly with very different outcomes - so I'm gonna try to fix some of them if I can!

I was fortunate, had tough jobs at times but very good supervisor's and experiences .. and I was recognized/rewarded through the years. Imagine my total disbelief hearing a peer of mine, not only a classmate but a distinguished veteran didn't have the same courtesies afforded to him! Mom .. I know you would have been outraged! Not to worry, got it covered! It is my pleasure and honor to be able to have a United States Flag flown on behalf of his honorable service to our country, and especially in my Air Force, at the request of a Connecticut Senator!

Where is all this story leading to? See the picture above! Roses are red, baby's breath is white, and there is a blue ribbon on the vase (camera challenged me didn't capture it) to symbolize our nation and say Thank You from a vet to a vet .. now I did take some liberties with the flowers (sorry Chuck, but hope it's ok) and know how much Mom would have loved (and giggled) at this story going back through all the years and the questions. Who are his parents, where do they live, across from Donna, is he related to .. LOL! Sharing the flowers with Mom .. she'd be 88 today! Thanks Chuck!

Hit Level 103 in Mafia Wars .. a game Mom didn't learn for sure! The Challenge I got levied with today .. is to blog more .. ok, Laurie .. here you go! Mountains and hills to climb .. always a challenge ahead .. who catches ya when you trip up ..

Rest Easy Mom .. I'll be visiting soon and I'm sure have lots more stories to tell you .. like the one that seems to have slipped out about me and spinach!!

Love to all ~


  1. <3 Happy Birthday Sara's mom <3

    HOw sweet of chuck!!!

    Great news on Chris!!!


    and....lol that veggie story cracks me up!!!

    lots of love!


  2. What a very sweet post in memory of your mom...my heart holds prayers for you. I know it is tough in the big world without a mom...Hugs for my friend today...her spirits lives thru you...great memories you have...