Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tornado Approach 06-08-09 O'Fallon IL

What a day we had yesterday! Winds swirling around .. car rocking and rolling and I got pictures of the clouds on approach! I like typhoons better! Of course I had to take the flag .. and the wind was pretty strong at this point.

Most of the damage in our town was to trees, limbs, vehicles, and lots of small debris ~ I have a big limb down, the kids have a bigger part of a tree down, neighbors on one side have siding ripped off and hanging, the other side had a lot of shingles ripped off. Hopefully tonight when I get home I can do a better walk around and check for damage - but I think the tree is all I have to worry about.

Yay! Power is back on ~ food isn't destroyed ~ and we're supposed to have another night of storms! Best of all ~ the internet and tv work!


  1. Stay safe my friend....those look scary...even know I love a good storm.....

  2. glad you are alright and that heather and doug are alright.

    and finally the internet.....sheesh I was gonna go outta my mind