Thursday, June 4, 2009

We're Havin' A Baby!

Wow! I was warned .. after all the weddings in May are done it's time for me to get used to being a Grandma again - and yippee!! Somethin' in the water out here and Heather's been drinking it!

So far so good .. only about 6 weeks along .. with projected arrival in January 2010. Mommy doing well of course ~ you can actually see that 'glow' that follows her .. and the extra spark in her grin ;o)

Doug's ready! When does the furniture get moved and how do we make a spot for a new munchkin ~ and I can't wait to see the cousin's faces when they realize they will HAVE a cousin! Don't think they know yet!

Marshall & Tucker .. LOL .. what'll they do! They won't understand having another critter in the house that doesn't look like a MinPin .. play like a MinPin .. and eat like a MinPin! Boy or Girl .. it won't matter .. just give us a healthy, happy baby and we're all set!

More to follow ~ seems like forever away but it'll go fast .. so much easier to be a Grandma ;o)


  1. yay! congrats grandma!!!!

    prayin for a healthy baby!

  2. Congrats to you I love grandbabies they are so much fun.

  3. Congrats..Grandma IS THE BEST PLACE INT HE WORLD TO BE....just my humble opinion I must say...have fun...

  4. Congrats Grandma, new babies ohhhh so much fun...