Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cottage Capers ~ An Idea in Progress!

Welcome! It's incredible to me that I'm doing the 'blog' thing! Seems like 'everybody' has to have one so here I go ~ jumping on the bandwagon! Quite a while back, my friend and I said let's do crafts . . let's make things! You know .. get us a little cottage somewhere and create!

Well, that didn’t happen but we go back a LONG way and usually what one of us can’t figure out how to do ~ the other one can. So blogging is our latest adventure .. let’s see who can get one going and then what in the world will we do with it!

As I got started, I thought I’d lose what’s left of my mind ~ why am I doing this! All the neighbors are out mowing their lawns, planting flowers, cleaning garages .. and here I am thinking I don’t have anything to ‘blog’ about! How in the world did I get started on this .. where will it lead to .. and will it motivate me to create so I can share things? I sure hope so!

For me, in the latest craze I’m in, creating means Cricut! I had to have this machine, the Cricut Expression, and yikes! I get so wound up in all the blogs ~ and will have to add them to this too ~ that I snag this, and try that ~ to the extent I seem to have little ‘bugs’ running around thinking of ideas all the time!

With luck, I’ll figure this out and get a project on here once in a while ~ until then ~


  1. Woot woot!!! Look at you blog!!! hahahaha

  2. Very good, keep writing, your doing great!!!

  3. You are so blessed to have the Cricut Expression!I still have the Baby bug and love it, but sure would be nice to have the big one! I to am new at the blogging I think it is nice for us crafters to have a spot to share all our crafting!