Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yikes ~ what'll I say today!?!?

Oops! Where did today go?!?!

Beautiful day today! Sunny, 60ish, day off .. and no crafting at all! Great deal at Maggie Moo’s! Free scoop of ice cream to ward off the income tax blues .. LOL .. who cares by the time today arrives .. either we did the darn things or we didn’t but who in their right mind would turn down a free ice cream cone! Not me!!

Making up for my craft ‘fix’ now! Thank goodness for YouTube! This video I’m watching is more like a commercial for paint brushes .. but there is so much talent and I’m thinking .. gee .. if I cut out something on the Cricut .. put on a shirt .. can I do this?

Neat to watch ~
Fabric Painting ~ and now I’m going to watch some more! Is it really as simplistic as it looks? Hmmmm .. guess I”ll have to find out!

Picture share today ~ these geese are near my work every year .. and do they ever OWN the streets, sidewalk, grassy areas .. and quite often we have to totally stop our car as they go from this spot .. strut right across the street and we assume they are either attending the church there, or maybe just out for a stroll!