Monday, April 20, 2009

Me and My Cricut!

Cricut Play Tonight!

Well fiddlesticks! Today went by so fast after getting home from work! Found a 12 x 12 tile in the garage (for what?) and was thinking about playing with the Cricut ~ cartridges are on sale at Michael’s .. if I play I might see that I NEED another one so play away!

For all the years that I can remember there was an embroidered saying on my Grandmother’s dining room wall – and it has always fascinated me. I don’t know how old it is but surely qualifies as ‘antique’ and I’m now the keeper of the saying. It was embroidered many moons ago, and it has a hint of a sparkle behind the embroidery material .. I always thought it was the light, the floss, magic .. something! Well, it is .. somewhere along the line there was a foil like paper behind the fabric that little bits of sparkle peek through!

The saying is so appropriate this time of year as Mother’s Day approaches ~ so even though I can’t possibly recreate the wonderful treasure I have from generations past .. I thought I’d take the saying and see if the Cricut, vinyl, and a piece of tile could come together somehow. Let me tell ya, the ‘weeding’ part of working with vinyl is harder than I thought .. picking out the itsy bitsy pieces to make the letters appear correctly! I can’t weed (won’t if I can help it) the lawn and here I’m choosing to weed sticky stuff!!

So .. after a couple disasters .. this is as far as I made it today .. to be continued ..


  1. Very nice I love your blog, I just wanted to say that I hope you don't mind if I add your blog name to mine? If so could you just let me know and I will remove if you do.

    Hugz Blue

  2. Yes you did get the right person when you emailed me and I'm so glad that you don't mind. Please visit often and I will do the same...

  3. Nice job! Did make me cry thinking of Mom,I have never tried the vinyl yet.

  4. wow..I like it....I choose cool